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The largest Palace in Spain.

A true architectural gem nestled in the heart of the city of Sevilla, the Real Palace attracts thousands of visitors every year. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, the Palace is a monumental complex with multiple influences. Take your ticket to the palace of Sevilla and go on a journey through its legends.

Seville Palace ticket

Patio of the Doncellas of the Royal Palace.

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1000 years of history

Witness to the history of Spain and particularly Sevilla, the Real Palace has crossed time from the tenth century to the present.

Its origins date back to the period of the Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba. This dynasty reigned over southern Spain and experienced a strong development, marked by the construction of many wonders of Al-Andalus architecture: the Alcázars. The Palace of Sevilla is a perfect example of these typical military fortresses.

Seville Palace ticket

Rainwater tanks with beautiful arches.

A multiplicity of influences

Built in 844 at the instigation of Amir Abd al-Rahman II, it underwent countless changes and adaptations over the following centuries. An exceptional building because of the plurality of cultures it embraces, the Palace of Sevilla bears the traces of past heritages. Works enlarged the place in the twelfth century during the Moorish period, but notable additions came 100 years later with the foundation of the first Gothic palace by Alfonso X. In the 14th century, the Real Palace was expanded with the Mudejar palace of Pedro I of Castile, which is distinguished by its Mediterranean inspiration.

Seville Palace ticket

A diversity of styles

During the Renaissance, the complex was transformed, with superb works such as the tiled altarpiece in the oratory of the Catholic Kings or the portico of the Salons of Charles V. The Flemish touch also creeps into the walls of the palace with magnificent collections of tapestries. Here, the artistic styles are mixed: Islamic, Renaissance, Mudejar, Baroque, Neoclassical, Gothic… A journey through the history of art with your Sevilla Palace ticket.

Seville Palace ticket

Fresco on wood, true mixture of Arts.

The jewel of Sevilla

The Palace of Sevilla has passed through the ages and is now the main tourist attraction of the Andalusian capital.

Seville Palace ticket

Ambassador’s rooms.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, it is now used as a residence. The Spanish royal family still uses it from time to time, making it the oldest working Royal Palace in Europe. By purchasing your Sevilla Palace ticket online, you can access this magical and unique monument and all its splendors, in a setting worthy of the Arabian Nights.

The must-haves

In the heart of the historic district of Santa Cruz, the Palace of Sevilla seduces by its composition: you will be amazed by the different palaces, patios and gardens. Among the must-sees, the 14th century Mudejar Palace of Peter I stands out for its sumptuous colors and its Court of the Maidens. The royal apartments and the Ambassadors’ Room, a room full of history since it witnessed the marriage between Charles V and Isabel of Portugal, are also absolutely sublime. The Gothic palace, the Patio de Yeso and the old House of Commerce are all treasures to be contemplated during your stroll.

Seville Palace ticket

The gardens of the Palace

A haven of peace in the heart of the Palace of Sevilla

The tour of the Palace of Sevilla would not be complete without discovering the gardens of the Palace. Between fountains, orange trees and palm trees, the place breathes the Mediterranean and invites us in a circuit of scents and colors intoxicating. Make sure that the entrance to this haven of peace is included in your Sevilla Palace ticket. You can also choose to explore only the exterior. You will be surprised by the tranquility that emerges, only a few meters from the noise of the city.

garden palace sevilla

The lush gardens of the Real Palace.

Like the Palace of Sevilla and its Mudejar and European influences, the gardens of the Real Palace are distinguished by the profusion of styles: Arab, Renaissance and modern. Here, more than 170 species of plants illuminate an area of nearly seven hectares. A plural and green place where ponds, sculptures and fountains nestle in the nooks and crannies. With your ticket to the Palace of Sevilla, don’t miss the treasures of the garden!

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The wonders of the Palace gardens

Among the must-sees are the Renaissance gardens, located close to the Palace, where you can admire the Mercury Basin, the Dance Garden or the Flower Garden with its beautiful azulejos basin.

Seville Palace ticket

Fountain of Neptune in the Ladies’ Garden.

We should also mention the Grotesque Gallery, a magnificent belvedere, the Neptune Fountain in the Ladies’ Garden or the Garden of the Charles V Pavilion, so named because legend has it that the emperor dined here in summer! A more contemporary part dates from the 20th century: these are the “modern gardens”.

Useful information

We advise you to buy your Sevilla Palace ticket online. This way you won’t waste time. The Palace has a maximum capacity of 750 visitors. Without booking your tickets in advance, waiting times can be very long.

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October to March:
from 9H30 to 17H.

April to September:
from 9H30 to 19H.

January 1st and 6th,
December 25th.

Time required:

Tour circuit:
1H30 to 3H


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By subway:

  L1   St. Puerta de Jerez  (at 6 min)

By tram:

  T1   St. Puerta de Jerez  (at 4 min)

By bus:

Stop at Menéndez Pelayo : Lines 01, 05, 21, A1, A3, A4, C3.

By car:

Parking (at 4 min)

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